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Being a forager is the last job a worker bee holds during her life. Since she’s been hive-bound up to this point, she needs to familiarize herself with the landscape outside the hive before she can safely go foraging for food. She, and the other new foragers, do this by taking orientation flights. The bees fly in front of the hive, turn so that they are facing the hive, then hover back and forth in arcs. Then they start circling around and above the hive, and once acclimated to the area, they return home, ready to tackle their new job. This orientation flight is also called a play flight. ☺️ We felt this was the perfect name for our meadery. We’re on a brand-new adventure, we’re getting our bearings, and we’re having fun doing it! It also tips our hat to the bees that make it all possible. We are SO EXCITED that you’re joining us! Welcome to Play Flight!

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